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Implementation of e-Learning and associated Capacity Building for identified schools in Bhutan
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the schools and universities have to offer their courses online and e-Learning is felt as important more than ever. This project is a pilot project on improving ICT infrastructure and capacity building for supporting e-Learning in schools in Bhutan. This project will partly assist the Royal Government of Bhutan especially the Ministry of Education in implementing the government\'s project called \"Digital Schools\" which is a part of Digital Drukgyul Flagship programme. This project has three components namely 1) building the campus network infrastructure in the schools, 2) the connecting schools to National Research & Education Network, and 3) capacity building of network/system administrators to manage the infrastructure, teachers to develop contents and use e-learning for their teaching/learning procedures, and training students to use e-learning to support their learning.
Tandin Wangchuk, Technology Management and Economics, 0

Socio-hydrological perspective of climate change adaptation in large riverine islands: Comparative s
Duration: September 2019- August 2021 Funding Agency: Asia-Pacific Network (APN) for Global Change Research, Japan Role: PI in Bangladesh part
Md. Nasif Ahsan, Etc(
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Assessment of Institutional Network Structure in Disaster Risk Reduction in Coastal Bangladesh
Duration: July 2019- June 2021 Funding Agency: Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh
Md. Nasif Ahsan, Etc(
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Prospects and challenges of community radios in disaster risk reduction in coastal Bangladesh
Funded by Khulna University Research Cell Time period: Dec 2017- May 2018
Md. Nasif Ahsan, Etc(
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Software Defined Optical Networks Training and Research Lab for TEIN NRENs
*Establishment of SDON training and research lab for TEIN NRENs in NUST in collaboration with PERN *Capacity building of NREN members for SDONs; “Train the trainers”, Training and workshop *Operator specific collaborative research activities Techno-economics, migration strategies * Direct beneficiary countries: PAK,MAL,SL; 20 trainees (10TEIN countries, 10 PERN members),5 Research students
Muhammad Imran, Software Defined Network, 0

LandSAGE- a project to provide decision support for monitoring and mitigation of natural disasters (landslides, mudflows, and floods) in Southeastern Asia using Cyber-enabled Collaboration, Analysis, Navigation and Observation Environments (CyberCANOEs) driven by the Scalable Amplified Group Environment (SAGE2). This project is jointly led by Jason Leigh & William Chang at the Laboratory for Advanced Visualization & Applications at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, and Jason Haga at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan, to provide training for researchers and decision makers in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos on the use of advanced cyber-infrastructure for disaster monitoring and mitigation. For more info visit:
Jason Leigh, Technology Management and Economics, 0

OF@TEIN+: Open/Federated Playground for Future Networks
Building and operating Open and Federated Future Internet (SDN/NFV/Cloud-integrated) Testbed A Project Sponsored by Asi@Connect(Grant No: Asi@Connect-17-094) OF@TEIN+: Open/Federated Playground for Future Networks is proposed to further enhance, extend and expand OF@TEIN. The main purpose of OF@TEIN+ is to build and operate an Open and Federated Future Internet (SDN/NFV/Cloud-integrated) Testbed in further promoting SDN-Cloud R&D collaboration among TEIN partners. Primary goals of this project are: 1. Gather and Learn Together: Expanding the OF@TEIN Community and Sharing the Knowledge about Open and Federated (i.e., shared) SDN/NFV/Cloud-integrated Playground amongst the Members. 2. Build and Upgrade Together: Deployment and Upgrade of Open/Federated Playground with Distributed SmartX Box Playground Resources and Centralized Data Lake/Analytics Hardware. 3. Operate and Automate Together: Collaborate among Leading Members to enable Automated DevOps-style Operation of Playgro
TeckChaw Ling, , 2017